G and G Property Management Inc - G&G Property Management is a Disaster

Brookline, Massachusetts 1 comment

G&G Property Management and Real Estate Company or whatever they are calling themselves these days supposidly manages properties in Brighton, Allston and one I believe in Brookline.They have been so terrible at managing our complex, owners are moving out and fleeing.

The Boards they put in are made up of their chronies, while everyone else is upset. These hapless volunteers repeat the lies that G&G says to tell the homeowners and everyone gets a different answer.

Our properties are devaluing, the company is a joke, the quality of their work is awful and no one I have spoken to is satisfied with them.Stay away from this ridiculously bad company!

Review about: Unprofessional Service.



From the start, issue after issue.They have the habit of trying to make responisible for the issue.

I have children. I also have a chrinic disease which can be set into motion by heat. So for 3 plus weeks there has been heat issue. My heat is off yet temp in mid seventys to high eighthys.

And they want to know why I am complaining. As i can no longer walk or do many other things to the heat. Who helps ? Nobody can answer phone or take any proggressive action.

But certainly make sure you get the rentcheck cashed.

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